Invisalign makes use of advanced 3D computer imaging to produce a series of custom-made aligners to gradually align the teeth. The benefits of Invisalign are that the aligners are virtually invisible. They’re removable, so they can be taken out for eating, drinking, and cleaning, and they’re considered more comfortable than traditional braces.

At Grabowski Family Dentistry, we are one of the few practices to invest in digital scanning technology, meaning that the digital image of your mouth is taken without the need for conventional molds, which can sometimes be a real mouthful and can make you feel gaggy.

This is sent electronically to Invisalign, along with some photos, and an x-ray of your unique customized plan is formulated. You’re then invited back to the surgery to visually see what your teeth will look like before you commit to treatment. Treatment times depend on how complex the crowding is.

Some very mild cases can be completed in around four months, and the more complicated cases we’ve treated have taken up to about 18 months. We have to temporarily stick tiny transparent buttons to the teeth, which are removed at the end.

They assist in the movements, and they’re called attachments. We usually have to create some space to allow the teeth to slip past each other. This is known as interproximal recontouring or IPR for short.

The software precisely calculates how much space is required and then when it should be created. The dentist performs IPR by flossing with dental sandpaper. It is safe and not detrimental to the teeth as it’s kept within the outer enamel, which has no nerves.

If you’d like to know more information about Invisalign, please contact the team at the new market road dental clinic, and we would be delighted to help you answer your questions.