Six Month Smiles are similar to traditional train track braces with one exception – they are clear. The brackets stuck to the teeth are transparent and the wires used are tooth-colored.

They make use of proven techniques and materials to straighten the teeth in an average of six months. At our clinic, we are one of few practices to invest in digital scanning technology, meaning we can take a digital image of your mouth without the need for conventional molds, which are a mouthful and can make you gag.

The braces are fitted a few weeks later. We usually have to create some space to allow the teeth to slip past each other. This is known as interproximal recontouring or IPR. This is precisely calculated and performed by the dentist by flossing with dental sandpaper.

It is safe and is not detrimental to the teeth as it’s kept well within the outer layer of enamel, which has no nerves. You must return every four weeks or so for the wires to be changed and tightened, and most cases are finished in an average of six months.

Some milder cases can be done in less like four months, and the longer cases, in my experience, go up to about nine months.