Most patients come to the dentist or dental hygienist and have concerns regarding the color of their teeth. It’s one of the most common aesthetic wishes of our patients. Coming for a Zoom whitening session means that the dental hygienist will prepare the patient for the actual treatment of whitening the teeth. We know that with aged teeth, become yellower. One of the reasons is that the enamel tends out.

The procedure starts with moisturizing the lips in order to place a retractor. The patient is provided with protective eyewear. This is because the light source should not damage the eyes. The retractor holds the lips in place, so they do not come in contact with the teeth anymore. The area around the retractor is also protected because when the gels are applied, you don’t want it on any patient’s facial tissue.

The first part of the preparation is to isolate the soft tissue of the gums from the teeth because, in order for teeth to be whitened, a specific gel is applied on the enamel surface. This protective layer that protects the gums is in order for the gums not to become irritated later. This protective layer is, of course, light-cured, so it becomes hard and stays in place during the course of the treatment.

The papillae are protected properly so that the enamel surface of the teeth is the only thing that is exposed for the whitening procedure. The gel is applied across the outside surface of all the upper and lower teeth. The application is done carefully with a small brush. The gel itself is only about half to one millimeter thick on the outer surface of the teeth.

This procedure takes a couple of minutes to cover all the front sides of the teeth. In order to activate the whitening procedure, a light source is added on which activate the gel. The light cycles are about 15 minutes each in which the gel is replaced. Most patients prefer to listen to their own favorite music with an iPod during their whitening sessions.

This makes them relaxed and think about something else while whitening their teeth. Zoom whitening is one of the most advanced systems available in the market today. It does have some competitive companies, but it’s an excellent American product that helps change the shade of the teeth between three to seven shades. Between the 15-minute cycles, the gel is first removed, and a new application is made on the outside of the teeth surfaces.

Once all three cycles are complete, the protective layers on the incisal edges of the teeth and along the gum line are removed. It is specifically important to also isolate these incisive edges because that, if not done properly, can cause hypersensitivity. Removing the isolating gels is a pretty simple procedure done with a curette. The younger the patient and the younger the teeth and the enamel, when it’s more intact, you can get higher desired results.

With age going from 45-55-65 years old, enamel may be quite thin, and the whitening procedure may not give the desired results. Having a good whitening procedure means having quite healthy enamel on your teeth in the beginning, even though it may be yellow.

The dental hygienist will make sure that no excess materials lie anywhere on the outside or inside the teeth, or in between. You will probably examine all the soft tissue to make sure that no irritable damage has been done to them while doing the procedure.